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World Medical Tourism & Healthcare Congress

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — With its opulent hotels, fabulous golf courses and the world's largest shopping mall, Dubai established itself long ago as a first-class playground for the wealthy.

More recently, Dubai has been making a name for itself in another arena — luxury medical tourism. With the 4 million-square-foot Dubai Healthcare City, a place fabulous enough to make sheiks and celebrities feel at home, Dubai has been luring patients from all over the world who want to combine a nose job or tummy tuck with a glamorous vacation. The shimmering Middle Eastern city is merely one example of the growing market for cosmetic surgery tourism.

Medical Tourism Treatments

Having worked in international healthcare for the last five years, I had begun making some calls to healthcare providers known for the advanced orthopedic care that they provide to medical tourism patients. Tops on my list were facilities in Asia. I made the appointments and ensured I had copies of all my diagnostics — both in paper and disc formats — to show the doctors during my visit.

Not wanting to travel alone, I asked my mother to accompany me. Having never been to Asia, she was delighted. And, having gone through joint replacement in the United States, she was equally curious about medical tourism and healthcare overseas. We boarded our 16-hour flight to Hong Kong in Newark and off
we went.


International Hospitals & Healthcare Review - Interview with Suzanne Garber

Director of the GAUZE: Unravelling Global Healthcare documentary and founder of Gauze, a company that digitises information on global hospitals, Suzanne Garber, highlights her dream of a healthcare system that provides full transparency, quality outcomes, and a fair price, and reveals how she is seeking to fulfil this.


Money Matters Episode 112- Gauze - Unraveling Global Healthcare W/ Suzanne Garber

On today's show we visited with Suzanne Garber. Entrepreneur, Board of Director Member, Filmmaker, Author, and Global Nomad Suzanne Garber is focused on a portfolio ...of corporate and philanthropic boards that provide complex services to millions of beneficiaries and users around the world. She finished filming, "Gauze: Unraveling Global Healthcare"--a documentary about the quality, affordability and accessibility in healthcare outside the United States and recently published, "The International Executive's Resource Guide--Stories of International Business Success Across Geographies, Industries, and Cultures." Currently CEO and Founder of Gauze.

Business Manager Says Taking Calculated Risks Key To Exciting Career

Suzanne Garber is the founder and chairwoman of Gauze. The international health care technology company connects patients with hospitals around the globe. Suzanne graduated from Rutgers University and received her master’s degree with honors from the University of Pennsylvania.

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